Born and raised in New York, Seth’s passion for the arts has been apparent since an early age. From performing in numerous ensembles to acting and singing on stage, his experience in music and theater allowed him the opportunity to assimilate a vast range of musical genres ranging from classical to big band and rock.

With his overwhelming love of film and the art of film scoring, Seth was accepted into the world renowned Berklee College of Music in 2008 to study under the tutelage of many of the industry’s most recognized and decorated figures. Graduating in 2012 with the dual majors Film Scoring, Contemporary Writing and Production, and a minor in Video Game Scoring, Seth proved his proficiency as a composer by writing the winning piece in Berklee’s 2012 Graduation Commencement Contest and had the great honor of conducting a 30 piece faculty band as 900 graduates entered and exited Boston’s Agganis Arena.

Since Berklee, Seth has worked on a variety of exciting projects. He has scored numerous short films, including 2012’s Heaven & Earthorchestrated for the heavy metal musical Metatron & the Archangels of the Throne, and composed for the AirCraft Music Library before moving to Los Angeles in early 2013. Since moving to LA, Seth has worked within the music department of productions such as Fast and Furious 6 and the popular television series The Walking Dead. Most recently, he has created the music and sound effects for the video game series, Sprout Box.